Our automation services covers the following scope of work

Autoskada forecourt management solution enables control over fuel dispensers to provide complete visibility of operations

  1. Automation of Petrol Station pumps and forecourt equipment.
  2. Supports over 80 pump and ATG models.
  3. Provides control or access to petrol station devices e.g. POS Terminals, price boards, RFID readers etc.
  4. Online monitoring and remote access on any web browser and on mobile.
  5. Robust reports.
  6. Modular system (add features as required).
  7. Intrinsically Safe.

Features and benefits

  • Control over pumps
  • Control over tanks
  • Sales of retail products
  • Reporting
  • Personnel Management
  • Fuel cards
  • Automated identification of vehicles
  • Remote monitoring over petrol station
  • Remote reporting over operation of a petrol station network
  • Real-time monitoring (locally and remotely)
  • Rich reporting
  • Security
  • Remote access
  • Application of fuel cards
  • Automatic vehicles identification
  • Support of all modern fuel dispensers and ATG systems
  • Scalability
  • Easy localization

Solution Architecture 

Fuelcart ePayment and automatic vehicle identification system enables fast refueling, allows self service refueling, reduces fraud and helps boost profits

  1. RFID based fueling system.
  2. Configurable to different usage scenarios.
  3. Contact-less payment.
  4. Secure end to end encryption.
  5. Enterprise system capabilities.
  6. Designed for oil companies, fleets, fuel/CNG stations and service providers etc.
  7. Can be integrated into existing systems.
  8. Quick to deploy and use.
  9. Option to debit debit card per purchase vs having lump sum tied down in the fleet management system.

Features and benefits

  • Reliable, secure and robust, easy to install, service & upgrade
  • Vandal proof, water proof and explosion proof (certified)
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) System for fueling
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Excellent record keeping and reporting
  • Enables accountability of fueling process
  • Eliminates fraud
  • Provides businesses with accurate fueling data to enable in planning and budgeting
  • Allows payment as you fuel

ATG solutions for tank storage help reduce wastage, detect lapses in the supply/distribution chain and improve accountability of petroleum products.

  1. Engineered for use in any scenario where there is a storage tank; Petrol Stations, tank farms, road tankers,
    barges, facility storage tanks etc.
  2. Online monitoring and remote access on any web browser and on mobile.
  3. Certified for use in highly volatile environments.
  4. Measurement of variables such as product level, water level, density of the product, temperature of the storage
    tank etc.


A – Probes for underground tanks
B – Monitoring Console Onsite
C – Probes for road tankers
D – Wireless probe for floating roof tanks
E – Multilevel Clock mechanical sensors
F – 0Range & LEMON clock mechanical sensors